Flying Gators Logo now official!

As a part of the renovation and modernization of the Flying Gators Model Airplane Club it was recognized early on by the Executive Committee that the attraction of new members would be imperative to the health of our hobby organization. Since January approximately 30 members have been added to the roster transforming the FGMAC from near collapse to a healthy and growing organization. This improvement is a result of the addition of new and much improved flying site, updated Constitution and bylaws, and a return to operation as a club engaging all members.
Another item of this continuing effort has been to develop a graphic that would quickly identify any communication as coming from the FGMAC.  This graphic should;
  • Reflect the views of the targeted audience to which FGMAC wishes to appeal keeping in mind demographic factors. 
  • The new logo is designed to appeal to the younger potential new member; a prime goal of the outreach we are making.
  • In addition to the “image” we wish to project, there are technical considerations with respect to the usage of a logo which dictate a simpler, cleaner look since communication increasingly conducted via electronic means (such as email, website, even a smartphone app).
  • The new graphic has been designed and a “soft rollout” has been done to gage the acceptance of this new image. The result has been universally judged to be favorable by the targeted audience.
  • Yes, change is often resisted by some and it is recognized that other graphics had been used informally by some club members in the past. Those members are welcome to continue their personal use of those images (shirt, hat, jacket, etc).
  • Please note that the graphic below is now the Official Logo of the FGMAC as defined by the Executive Committee and communicated by this email to all members. If you wish, you can copy this image directly from this email or find it on the website —