Updates From the Board

A number of questions have been submitted to the FGMAC officers regarding dues, voting, and the relocation of the field. An email was sent to the current mailing list with a list of the frequently asked questions along with responses.

For reference, here are the questions to and responses from the FGMAC board.

Question: How much are dues?

$75 Individual, $85 Family, $15 under 19, $25 Student

Question: I thought the decision was made to move fields in the December vote, and we just needed to work out the lease details?

Here is what the secretary recorded:

“It was decided and a motion was approved to communicate FGMAC’s intent to move to the Tom Rice site contingent upon creation of an agreement between FGMAC and Tom Rice that is acceptable to both parties and is, in turn, accepted by the FGMAC membership by a vote at the January, 2017 meeting.”

The board feels that “intent to move” was not a decision TO move, and that such a move was contingent upon a vote on the new lease agreement negotiated between (and agreed upon by) both LTV and the FGMAC Board.

Question: (Regarding a quorum) Only a dozen or so members made that vote to “intend to move” in December.

A quorum is 25% of the active membership, and based on 2016 membership that is 67/4 or 17 members present. The show of hands in favor was 25 with none opposed to the motion defined in the minutes

Question: I haven’t seen the proposed site­ can I visit the new site?

The Rice Field site is located approximately one mile north of the present aerodrome. Go north on CR 118 until the pavement ends, then 0.3 mile on dirt road. Gate will be on the left.

Webmaster’s note: Here’s a link to Google Maps with the approximate location.

Question: I thought the lease was posted on the FGMAC website, but it’s not there.

The original lease was temporarily posted on the website and (the President) requested its removal (most of you had it prior to the December meeting via email). This document is no longer applicable and should no longer be referenced going forward.

Question: I’d like to see the new lease, can you send it to me?

We, the officers, are fine tuning aspects of the final proposed agreement between the FGMAC Board and STV (Spare Time Ventures, Inc.), and we will distribute this document approximately one week prior to the Jan. 14th meeting. We wish to stress that most specific details with respect to the field, as well as operational aspects (of which members are understandably concerned), will be decided by, and remain under the control of FGMAC under this revised agreement.

We (FGMAC Board and STV) are still working on the details of the moving plan, to be accomplished by the FGMAC membership in conjunction with STV, which are in addition to the lease agreement details. We intend to have those details for members’ consideration prior to the 14 Jan meeting as well.

Webmaster’s note: Once this document is made available it will be posted on the website as well.

The FGMAC board would also like to stress the following:

Remember, in order to be eligible for voting at the January 14th meeting you must be present at the meeting and have paid your 2017 dues by December 31, 2016. Please see here for more information.