New Officers and President’s Update

Club Officers

At the December club meeting a vote was held for 2017 officer positions.

Here are your new club officers:

Nick Decarlis, President

Marsh DeHart, Vice President

Steve Hilmes, Secretary

Tom Stoll, Treasurer

A Letter from the President

Hello Flying Gators!

At the January 14, 2017 general membership meeting of the Flying Gators Model Airplane Club the duly elected board members will present a proposal for moving the club from its current location on the Williams farm property to the field owned by Spare Time Ventures (STV) — the corporation owned by Tom Rice Sr. and his son, Tom Rice Jr.

This proposal will include:

  1. The of the lease agreement that the board has with STV
  2. Our estimate of work and necessary to make the field comparable our current flying field from a flight safety and necessities standpoint (AMA safety code and restroom facilities)
  3. A timeline that we expect these tasks can be accomplished.

At this meeting we expect to have a quorum of the club membership in good standing from which a vote will be valid. We, your new board, have interpreted the club bylaws (the only copy that we have been able to uncover) to define “members in good standing” to be those that have paid their dues for the 2017 calendar year by December 31, 2016. Those that have not paid their dues by then will be considered “associate members”, as defined in the charter, and will not have voting privileges.

Treasurer Update

The board could find no provision for “proxy voting” in our bylaws. When not specified in our bylaws, Robert’s Rules of Order is then referred to, which makes it clear that proxy voting is not
applicable in votes of this nature. As a result, only in-person votes will be counted. So, please, if you wish to have your voice heard in this critical club decision, be sure to have your dues paid by December 31, 2016 and make your vote count!