FAA Registration

Like it or not, all of us who fly R/C models are now required to register with the FAA. The AMA has informed its members that as of now, efforts to acquire specific exemptions have failed and now recommends registration be done before the deadline of February 19th, 2016.

Protest , complain, or gripe all you want – but the FACT is that we are bound to comply with the Federal Aviation Administration’s new Regulation or be subject to severe penalties. Actual registration is quite simple; go to the Web Site: https://www.faa.gov/uas/registration/. The site, unlike Øbamacare, is well designed and walks you right through the simple process, ending up with an E-mail with a printable Registration Card with your number on it. That number is the one that you are required to have on or in each of your models.

The AMA, on February 5th, released a video explaining its position on the issue as well as answering most all recurring questions asked by AMA members or clubs. Take a few minutes to view it at:

I’ve had to deal with the FAA most of my adult life – Having heard “Good day! I’m from the FAA and I’m here to help you.” many times during my 25 years flying for Pan Am. They can do damn near ANYTHING they want to do. They do not deal with laws of the land; they deal in FAA Regulations that they cast into cement. I assume you have heard of the no-fly zone around greater DC area. Just last month, it was extended to a 30 mile radius of Reagan National Airport (DCA). Virtually overnight that change has wiped out some 13 long-established R/C club flying sites – just like that. Sure, they can appeal, but it will take year$.

Realistically, the odds of a FAA rep showing up and checking for compliance are slim to none, but I don’t think we can afford to gamble and as much as I dislike it,I believe all flying members of our club should be in compliance with the FAR. Consider it a simple preemptive step to show we are a responsible AMA chartered club.No sense bitching about it nor griping at the AMA – it’s a done deal for now. At this time, I concur with the AMA in not requiring our club to police our membership and verify FAA registration. To that end, I will make a motion at the next meeting that the Flying Gators issue a policy state-
ment strongly recommending that club members be in compliance. I urge all responsible members to support it.

Lyman Slack, AMA Leader Member

-Endorsed by Red Scholefield AMA Leader Member. Dist-V Safety Coordinator