The members of the Flying Gators Model Airplane Club are an extraordinary group. Together we’ve compiled a great amount of useful information. We think this will help other modelers. Below you will find a collection of helpful links to external sites.

Heads Up RC Hobby Shop
Shop with through this link and they will donate 5% of your purchase to the Flying Gators!

The Flying Gators Model Airplane Club is proud to be associated and affiliated with Heads Up RC Hobby Shop! Following any link to Heads Up RC Hobby Shop from one of our pages will support both a great local hobby shop and the Flying Gators. Please be sure to check out their site for a great selection of motors, batteries, servos, and other RC necessities.

If you are the type which likes to handle items before a purchase then make sure you stop by one of our events! Heads Up RC Hobby Shop typically will have a booth setup with all kinds of items for sale.

Academy of Model Aeronautics

The Flying Gators Model Airplane Club is an Academy of Model Aeronautics chartered club (charter 202). Most modelers think that the AMA is only there to provide us insurance. This is not true! The AMA provides flying site assistance (our club has used this for field improvements), a tremendous collections of plans for those builders out there, and a bunch of other services!

For all members out there it’s also good idea to brush up on the Academy of Model Aeronautics National Model Aircraft Safety Code. If your membership is about to expire then you can Join or Renew.